What genres do you prefer?

The fastest, easiest and most fascinating way to self-development and self-improvement is to read good books. We live all our lives according to some established rules. In order to become a successful person, you need to study at school, then in college, then at university. And all people obediently follow this path, but real success is achieved by those who came forward, or across the planned path. Someone worked first, and only then he studied. Others completely missed the link with higher education. One is unchanging. All successful people read books. Profile, psychological and just for the soul. Books teach something that parents will not tell (from ignorance, or from constraint, or from lack of time). Something that is not told at school, because it is not written in the program. Books teach you how to learn and develop yourself in a way that a concrete person will be comfortable with. After all, you will not read a work that does not touch you (if it is not written in the program), which means that what you choose to read consciously will definitely affect your further development. Choosing books, you form yourself, your subconscious, your behavior, your attitude to the world. Read good books.